Automatic control valve
diaphragm actuated

The SOLENOID CONTROL ON/OFF VALVE, allows the interception of a pipeline from remote, by moving the valve through the action of a solenoid valve.
Controlled by a three-way solenoid that can direct or release the necessary volume of water from the valve chamber to cause complete opening or closing. Valves from DN300 to DN1000 have two auxiliary valves (one NC and one NO) to enable rapid operation. Valve opening and closing speeds are adjustable. On the basis of the required application the main valve can be normally closed and so opening when the solenoid is activated, or it can be normally open and so closing when the solenoid is activated.
Different voltage solenoids are available, both monostable and bistable. On request, in addition to line pressure, the control circuit can also be supplied from an external source either of water or air. The external supply pressure must be greater than the line pressure.
Art. M3701: from DN50 to DN250
Art. M3700: from DN300 to DN1000
Additional features
  • bidirectional (shut off in both directions of flow);
  • non return;
  • on-off float control function (safety control);
  • IP 68 protection for the solenoids;
  • over pressure relief (even if the valve is closed by remote control);
  • anti water hammer closure;
  • flow rate, pressure, float level, and piezoelectric regulation (see main functions).
Available other features on request.