Automatic control valve
diaphragm actuated

The SURGE ANTICIPATOR / PRESSURE RELIEF VALVE, is used as a water hammer anticipator, typically to protect the pumping stations.
Designed to protect pumping stations against excess pressure, it senses the low pressure condition that precedes high pressure. It relieves high pressure build-up and protects system from over pressure.
The valve opens in response to a low or high pressure wave and is equipped with two pilots in parallel. The low pressure pilot, set to below the normal system operating pressure, shifts the valve adjustably towards the open position using a flow limiter in response to low pressure generated by pumps shutting-down. The relief pilot, set to above the normal system operating pressure, opens the valve and keeps it open in response to over pressure. The valve is normally mounted on a by-pass  for a main pipe line to discharge excess flow to the atmosphere or into an supply tank.
Additional features
  • solenoid on-off control function - a remote controller switches the valve on-off.
Available other features on request.