Automatic control valve
diaphragm actuated

The PRESSURE REDUCING VALVE WITH SOLENOID CONTROL ON-OFF VALVE, reduces and stabilizes the downstream pressure to the set. It's equipped with auxiliary valve and solenoid valve for remotely closing.
The pressure reducing / solenoid valve is managed by a pressure reducing control and an electrical ( on/off) solenoid. The pressure reducing control is normally open, held open by an adjustable spring set to maintain a constant discharge pressure from the main valve. When the solenoid is closed , the main valve is closed drip-tight. When the solenoid control is open, the valve performs the required pressure reducing function managed by the pressure reducing control. As the downstream pressure (outlet) increases to the pressure reducing set-point , the control throttles towards closed, restricting flow through the control piping . This increases pressure in the main valve cover chamber, shifting the main valve the appropriate degree towards closed and maintaining the required outlet pressure. The closing speed is regulated by an adjustable needle valve.
As the downstream pressure (outlet) decreases, the pressure reducing control throttles toward open, increasing the flow through the control piping. This decreases pressure in the main valve cover chamber, shifting the main valve the appropriate degree towards open and maintaining the required outlet pressure.
Operating principle
  • pressure sustaining, the valve maintain a minimum inlet pressure;
  • solenoid on-off control function - a remote controller switches the valve on-off;
  • check function -if outlet pressure rises higher than inlet pressure, backflow is prevented;
  • reverse flow - the main valve opens fully if outlet pressure is higher than inlet pressure;
  • main valve fully open when inlet pressure reaches an adjustable minimum value;
  • two adjustable pressure outlet value - switching can be by manual override, or remote electrical solenoid control, or adjustable hydraulic flow control;
  • flow rate control;
  • on-off float level control valve with outlet orifice to control the flow and prevent cavitation.

Available other features on request.