Automatic control valve
diaphragm actuated

The ON-OFF FLOAT CONTROLLED VALVE, control the minimum and maximum level inside a tank.
Controls the minimum and maximum water levels in a reservoir using a three-way float pilot. The two trigger levels are easily adjusted by moving the clamps on the float device arm. Adjustment is between a minimum of 10 cm to a standard value of 1m. A kit can be supplied on request to increase this interval. This type of valve is normally used on reservoirs fed by uplift systems that require intermittence, on storage tanks, booster reservoirs, or fire fighting reservoirs.
Additional features
  • minimum upstream support pressure maintenance;
  • remote control on/off switching;
  • non return;
  • anti-freeze device;
  • flow rate limitation;
  • anti water hammer resulting from very rapid closure;
  • parallel pressure relief - a single valve capable of releasing over pressure generated by the closure of the float valve itself or by other upstream manoeuvres.
Available other features on request.