Automatic control valve
diaphragm actuated

The FLOAT CONTROLLED MODULATING COSTANT LEVEL VALVE, is used to control the level of a tank, through the action of a modulating direct flow pilot.

The valve opens fully when the float reaches a controlled minimum water level in a reservoir and closes fully at a maximum level. The float pilot lift is 10 cm. Changes in water level are controlled by the float pilot. Through the action of the pilot and hydraulic synchronizer the pilot lift and main valve lift are perfectly balanced. This means that at any rate of flow discharged from the reservoir, the float pilot governs the main valve to maintain a balance between inlet flow rate and outlet flow to consumption. The system is extremely stable and reliable. The float pilot and synchronizer are made in stainless steel. These valves are normally used to manage gravity supplied reservoirs.


Additional features
  • pressure sustaining, the valve maintain a minimal inlet pressure;
  • solenoid on-off control function. A remote controller switch on/off the valve;
  • check function. When the outlet became higher than inlet, the function prevent the back flow;
  • anti-freeze option;
  • flow rate limiter control;
  • pressure relief or maximum inlet pressure surge control.
Available other features on request.