Automatic control valve
diaphragm actuated

The PRESSURE REDUCING / SUSTAINING CONTROL VALVE, reduces and stabilizes the downstream pressure, sustaining a minimum upstream pressure
Reduce a higher inlet pressure to a constant, lower, outlet pressure independently of the flow rate or inlet pressure fluctuations. If upstream pressure drops to the sustaining set point, the sustaining pilot assume the control of the main valve to insure a minimum upstream pressure. There are 6 available range of output pressures between 0.5 and 20 bars and 8 range of upstream pressure sustaining, from 0.5 to 24 bar. Special ranges available on request.
Additional features


  • solenoid on-off control function - a remote controller switches the valve on/off;
  • check function - if outlet pressure rises higher than inlet pressure, backflow is prevented;
  • reverse flow - the main valve opens fully if outlet pressure is higher than inlet pressure;
  • two adjustable pressure outlet values - switching can be by manual override, or remote electrical solenoid control, or adjustable hydraulic flow control;
  • flow rate control;
  • on-off float level control valve with outlet orifice to control the flow and prevent cavitation.

Available other features on request.