Automatic control valve
diaphragm actuated

The SOLENOID CONTROLLED / ELECTRICALLY POSITIONED VALVE "STEP BY STEP VALVE" is equipped with a circuit able to place and keep the shutter in any position.
The valve is equipped with two solenoids, both configured standard as NC, which means that in ab-sence of power the main valve remains locked in the last position setting. A remote control system reads flow, level, or pressure sensors and emits electric impulses to move a solenoid that reatains a volume of fluid in the main chamber and position the valve as required. The valve can be supplied as NC or NO according to the application. This valve is typically used in networks or water supplies with direct acting remote control on the valve, capable of monitoring and maintaining an adjustable set point.
The on-off function is managed by remote control capable of stepped opening and clossing of the valve to prevent excess speed and surge. It offers a very simple solution in all contexts requiring flow, level, or pressure control rather than a motorized control valve.
Art. M3771: from DN50 to DN250
Art. M3770: from DN300 to DN1000
Additional features
  • pressure reducing function (in parallel);
  • minimum inlet pressure maintenance (in parallel or in line);
  • flow rate control (flow limiter) in parallel or in series;
  • check function to prevent backflow if the outlet pressure rises higher than the inlet pressure;
  • main valve opens fully to permit reverse flow if the outlet pressure rises higher than inlet;
  • on-off float control function (safety control);
  • on-off altitude control function (safety control);
  • two way flow;
  • IP68 available for the solenoids.
Available other features on request.