Quality in the water network

Automatic control valve diaphragm actuated
Art. M3520-M2520
Application field
The FLOAT CONTROLLED MODULATING COSTANT LEVEL VALVE AND PRESSURE SUSTAINING, controls the level of a tank with modulating pilot, as it also has the function of support of a minimum upstream pressure.
General informations
Maintains a reservoir maximum level within a value determined by the effective movement of a float (10 cm float pilot travel), while also maintaining an adjustable minimum upstream pressure, enabling downstream transit of any excess water. The combined actions of the pilot and the synchronizer ensure perfect and stable valve modulation regardless of the required aperture, maintaining equilibrium between drawing off from the reservoir and the water released through the regulating valve.
Normally used on gravity reservoirs.
Additional features
  • remote control on/off switching;
  • non return;
  • anti-freeze device;
  • flow rate limitation;
  • pressure relief (anti water hammer during rapid closure, recommended when used with electri-cal control).
Available other features on request.