Quality in the water network

Automatic control valve diaphragm actuated
Art. M3410-M2410
Application field
The RATE OF FLOW / PRESSURE REDUCING CONTROL VALVE, maintain a constant flow rate; This valve also includes a pressure reducing control function.
General informations
The valve automatically maintains a constant flow rate regardless of fluctuations in upstream and downstream pressure. Any variations, measured by a calibrated diaphragm normally installed downstream of the valve, are transmitted to the differential pilot, which intervenes immediately to precisely regulate the main valve outlet rate. The controlled outlet value can be adjusted by tightening or releasing the pilot adjustment screw. The valve is provided with two pressure outlets (upstream and downstream of the valve) to enable flow rate measurement with a differential manometer (supplied on request) in the absence of a flow meter. This valve is also fitted as standard with a pilot for downstream pressure reduction and stabilization, independently of the flow rate and upstream pressure.
This function is normally implemented in water distribution and/or intake networks with the purpose of ensuring and optimizing both the flow rate and user pressure .
Additional features
  • minimum upstream support pressure maintenance;
  • remote control on/off switching;
  • non return;
  • full main valve opening if flow reverses;
  • two flow rates adjustable with electrical remote control or manually;
  • minimum-maximum level control with three-way float pilot;
  • constant level float control function.
Available other features on request.