Quality in the water network

Automatic control valve diaphragm actuated
Art. M3200-M2200
Application field
The PRESSURE SUSTAINING / RELIEF VALVE, maintains a minimum upstream adjustable pressure.
General informations
Pressure sustaining/relief control valves maintain a constant upstream pressure (valve inlet) by relieving excess pressure.

SUSTAINING APPLICATION - The valve is installed on the distribution line between two pressure zones. If demand on the lower zone causes a drop in upper zone pressure, the pressure is sustained at a preset minimum. When this occurs the pressure available to the downstream zone is reduced.

RELIEF APPLICATION - The valve is installed to relieve excess pressure from a source. In a typical installation the valve diverts excess flow/pressure to atmosphere, a storage tank, or back to pump intake.
There are 8 range of upstream pressure sustaining, from 0.5 to 24 bar. Special ranges available on request.
Additional features
  • solenoid on-off control function - a remote controller switches the valve on-off;
  • check function - if outlet pressure rises higher than inlet pressure,backflow is prevented;
  • reverse flow - the main valve opens fully if outlet pressure is higher than inlet pressure;
  • low pressure shut-off with manual reset;
  • two adjustable pressure outlet values - switching can be by manual override, or remote electrical solenoid control;
  • flow rate control;
  • on-off float device level control;
  • constant level float control valve;
  • booster pump control valve with check.
Available other features on request.