Quality in the water network

Automatic control valve diaphragm actuated
Art. M3100-M2100
Application field
PRESSURE REDUCING VALVE "PRV" reduces a higher inlet pressure to a constant, lower, outlet pressure independently of the flow rate or inlet pressure fluctuations
General informations

Mainly used to reduce high pressures in distribution networks. There are 6 standard configurations, with the output pressure range between 0.5 and 20 bar. Special ranges available on request.


Additional features


  • pressure sustaining, the valve can maintain a minimum inlet pressure;
  • solenoid on-off control function - remote controller switches the valve on/off;
  • check function - if outlet pressure rises higher than inlet pressure, backflow is prevented;
  • reverse flow - the main valve opens fully if outlet pressure is higher than inlet pressure;
  • main valve fully open when inlet pressure reaches an adjustable minimum value;
  • two adjustable pressure outlet values - switching can be by manual override, or remote electrically solenoid control, or adjustable hydraulic flow control;
  • flow rate control;
  • on-off float level control valve with outlet orifice to control the flow and prevent cavitation.

Available other features on request.