Quality in the water network

Automatic control valve diaphragm actuated
Art. M3000-M2000
Application field
M2000/M3000-Type automatic control valves are part of  TIS Nuoval products range for water supplies, irrigation and fire protection.
General informations
This type of conveyed flow valves, is the result of years of study, design and research carried out by T.I.S Nuoval over the years, both internally and directly on the plants.
These valves are available in sizes from DN50 to DN1000, flanges to EN 1092-2, with nominal pressures PN10 - PN16 - PN25.
Other DN and PN available on request.
The valves are hydraulically operated, where the metal shutter is implemented by the action of pressure on a membrane, made of reinforced rubberized fabric.
The use of a particularly high performance seal, developed by T.I.S Nuoval, ensures a good seal and a long life even under harsh operating conditions.
The M3000 series valves are in the standard bore (dimension of the seat lower to the valve nominal diameter): these offer adjustment and dissipation superior intrinsic capacity. 
The M2000 series valves are full bore (dimension of the seat equal to the valve nominal diameter): These provide particularly low pressure loss in the shutter open completion conditions.