Quality in the water network

Automatic control valve diaphragm actuated
Art. M3900-M2900
Application field
The EXCESS FLOW VALVE is used to prevent possible damage, caused by water leakage result by accidental events (eg: a broken pipeline).
General informations
Excess flow valves are generally fitted on hydroelectric or irrigation plants, and waterworks.
The valve is equipped with a three way excess flow control pilot that:
- limits damage caused by excess water velocity in pipelines;
- intervenes following pipe failures due to landslides, earthquakes, or over pressure.
The valve is controlled by the action of a three way differential pilot (with manual reset) connected through an orifice plate fitted on the inlet flange. When the flow rate is higher than the set pilot value, the pilot switches off and the main valve moves towards the closed position at a controlled speed. The valve is equipped with two gauge holder valves for a differential manometer (not included), faciliting easy flow rate setting.
Range: the intervention field of the pilot is from a minimum DP of 0.2 bar to a maximum of 0.5 bar. The orifice diameter is calculated according to the required flow rate intervention value.
Additional features
  • remote control solenoid switch function for valve on-off position;
  • pressure reducing function;
  • maximum inlet pressure surge control.
Available other features on request.