Quality in the water network

Automatic control valve diaphragm actuated
Art. M3800-M2800
Application field
The ALTITUDE VALVE ONE-WAY FLOW (elevated tank fill), controls the minimum and maximum level of a tank, through the action of a three ways piezometric pilot.
General informations
Closes when a water tank reaches a required level.
Opens when the water head falls below the inertia of the altitude pilot (variable from 0.3 up to 0.8 mwh) depending on the pilot range (see pilot range table on next page).
The valve controls filling of a tank to an adjustable level. The altitude pilot is fitted on the main valve at the bottom of the reservoir. The pilot is connected to the reservoir level through a sensing line (sensing line not included). This valve can be used instead of a float controlled valve when a non intrusive control pilot is required. In many cases installation of this valve is simpler compared to a float pilot valve. The on-off function means the reservoir can be intermittently supplied from a pump-ing station or fire protection tank.
Additional features
  • minimum inlet pressure maintenance;
  • remote control solenoid switch function for valve on-off position;
  • check function to prevent backflow if the outlet pressure rises higher than the inlet pressure;
  • flow rate limiter control;
  • pressure relief or maximum inlet pressure surge control;
  • two way flow (tank fill/discharge);
  • delayed opening control from 1 up to 10 mwh.
Available other features on request.