Quality in the water network

Automatic control valve diaphragm actuated
Art. M3805-M2805
Application field
The MODULATING ALTITUDE VALVE (COSTANT LEVEL TANK FILL), controls the constant level of a tank, through the action of a piezometric modulating pilot.
General informations
The valve opens fully when the water level detected by the altitude pilot through the sensing line reaches the minimum value, and closes totally at the maximum value. Changes in water level are monitored by the pilot.
The action of the pilot and hydraulic synchronizer ensure that the pilot displacement and main valve opening are perfectly balanced. The result is that for any flow rate discharged from the reservoir, the pilot governs the main valve to balance the tank inlet and outlet flow rates. The system is very stable and reliable. The pilot and synchronizer are made in stainless steel.
These valves are normally used with gravity supplied reservoirs.
Additional features
  • minimum inlet pressure maintenance;
  • remote control solenoid switch function for valve on-off position;
  • check function to prevent backflow if the outlet pressure rises higher than the inlet pressure;
  • pressure relief or maximum inlet pressure surge control;
  • two way flow (tank fill/discharge).
Available other features on request.