Quality in the water network

Production Cycle
T.i.S. brand products are completely designed in-house.
The manufacturing of the products we design is entrusted to the professionalism of certified foundries which also make the valve bodies for T.i.S. equipment.
The products are then handed over to companies specialised in mechanical machining. The last phase of outsourcing consists of painting, carried out with the fusion bonded method with epoxy paints which enable a minimum thickness of 250 microns for the coating of valve bodies.
In order to ensure a high level of quality at every stage, T.i.S SERVICE provides the epoxy powders directly to its contractors. The powders used to coat the equipment are purchased either from the German company Akzo Nobel or from the French company BS Coating, which are both known in the sector because of their rigorous respect of European and international quality standards.
When the valve bodies are ready, they reach the factory for assembly and final testing. All of the small parts and piloting systems are made in-house. All T.i.S. products are then tested according to the applicable European standards. In this way, through its own Technical Department, which is in charge of the production system, T.i.S. SERVICE is able to monitor the work of its contractors and to continue searching for new partners that are equipped with cutting*edge machinery and technology.
“This choice,”  explains Massimo Fabbri, T.i.S. Nuoval s.r.l. Technical Manager, “goes hand in hand with what has been our company philosophy since the beginning: quality before all else".
"We believe"  Massimo Fabbri continues "that cooperating with more companies we trust, each specialised in a particular work process which they carry out for more clients, even from different commercial sectors, is better than carrying out everything inside our company. In short, we believe that selecting the ‘best’ for every specific problem plays to our advantage as far as quality of the final product is concerned".